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Swede Lake Vermiculture & Castings
We humbly ask your help with this page.  Give us your input.  Please share with us and others your experiences  with our wonderful EMPOWERED EARTH Premier Worm Castings

We have heard the loftiest of stories associated with worm castings the therefore expect you to experience nearly unbelieveable results.  Photos are Welcome!
Even The Sky Is No Limit to Our Appreciation for your help
Ann S. from Winsted, Mn writes:
I pride myself on my pansies and they have never looked as good as when I added castings to the flower beds.  Colors are  brighter and more vibrant ------ really incredible!!!  I just top dressed the soil with a few handfuls of castings that I mixed in by hand.

John R. from Watertown, MN writes:
My first use of castings was to mix in about 10 percent of castings in a small bed of Miniture Japanese Iris that hadn't bloomed for 5 years.  I applied about 2 1/2 lbs to about 4 sq. ft area and top dressed the plants.  I couldn't believe the results after just  three or so weeks.  Vibrant, colorful flowers.  This stuff really works!!!!!!

As a footnote:  
John is known throughout his neighborhood as having incredible landscaping, plants and folliage.
Michael S, Watertown, Mn, Researcher, says:
"I was asked by a private golf club to compare their grasses and soils with and without castings.  They furnished their own Bent grass and Blue grass seeds and soil".  The Castings plots shown here and on the right side and bottom to top consisted of 25% castings.
The above photo was taken after just 7 days; a considerable difference.
The photo on the right was taken on day 14.  In this photo the plots with the castings are on the bottom and left to right.  Notice how the plots with castings have grass that is much thicker, richer color, healthier blades and almost mowable.  The root system was also much more developed.   NO CHEMICALS - ALL NATURAL AND ODERLESS
G.S. in Winsted, MN excitedly asked SLV to photograph his 6 FOOT HIGH TOMATOES.

He exclaimed, "I can't believe this garden.  I even started it late because of all of the rain.  Now look, after about six weeks, my tomatoes are 5 1/2 feet to 6 feet high.
And, look at my corn with the Empowered Earth compared to the corn without the castings ..... just a little over half as high.

It's hard to see the peas, but they are going absolutely crazy."

No chemicals, just safe, oderless, Empowered Earth.
The garden below is a "green roof" located atop the entrance of the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley, Mn.  This roof is designed by Roger Grothe who is recognized world wide as an international award winning designer of green roofs, with world acclaim.  To learn more about this tremendously talented landscaper/designer just Google "Roger Grothe" and see many of his wonderful accomplishments.
Give yourselves a real treat and visit this  site:  http://my.alohalandscaping.com/index.html 

This roof contains soils less than four inches deep, ten percent of which is SLV's Empowered Earth Premium Castings.which in the words of Roger Grothe has "had much to do with the fast growth and health" of the specially selected plants.  
Photos taken on July 13, 2011 just  two weeks after planting many thousands of small plugs of selected plants
These followup photos were taken six weeks later.  We recommend a visit to this fantastic site at the Minnesota Zoo.
Roger Grothe's work can be seen throughout the zoo, from the entrance, to the roof top of the entrance and in much of the landscaping in the entire zoo.  And one must visit the Grizzly Coast exhibit where you can see a lot of Roger's incredible handiwork and design.

Jeff R., Deephaven, MN Exclaims in July 2012:

I have been applying the castings as Empowered Nectar by making it into a tea.  After several treatments and in spite of the weather I must say that my grapes are very healthy and noticeably sweeter than in the past.  I believe the difference is in the castings.

Robert explains:

"These two plants were selected out of a test group of 24 plants. The 12 without castings were all about the same height and those with castings were all taller.

As to positive things that I could say I guess it would be "Worm castings make a real difference, the picture is worth more than anything  I could say."

"What I really want to know", Robert asked, "is what happens in the soil when you apply

castings because it sure isn't fertilizer.  I haven't seen anything like it before!  

Robert started the plants as plugs at which time he added from 10% to 20% of Empowered Earth Premier Castings and states that it is well worth the cost.
Mary C. in Minnetrista, Mn is very proud of her garden!
Even after a dubious start due to bad weather, Mary proudly states that no one  she knows who has a 
garden  has had the success she experienced --- thanks to a liberal application of Empowered Earth Premier Castings.  

Shown here is Mary's prized tomatoes after planting and about 10weeks later.  

She is astounded by her "Big Boys".

Initially, Mary added a handful or two of castings at planting and an additional handful after the plants showed some growth in about 3 weeks.

Starting each plant in large cans proved to be helpful.
The following testimony is submitted by  Laura Greene in Chaska, MN. creator of Grow. Eat. Share.

"Thank you for the worm castings! They worked wonderfully! Gardeners know homemade organic compost is black gold. EMPOWERED EARTH Premier Worm Castings is the first product I've found that works as well! I didn't have to use anything else to get my plants to grow beautifully. The plants I planted in soil mixed with the worm castings grew quickly, beautifully and productively (above & below ground). In order to get the adjacent plants to compete, I needed to provide the plants with several feedings of homemade organic compost, organic fish emulsion, etc. It took a lot more effort without the castings! Thanks again."

We encourage you to check out Laura's web site to see how she uses gardening to teach children within the community.  See 

On September 30, 2011 Mary followed up with the photos below.  Ready to serve, she is still surprised at her success.  And look at her big boy that comes to the table at 15 & 1/2 ounces.
Larry Barrett from Chanassen writes:

I’m impressed. My garden has never done so well. Every year I look forward to fall and harvesting my back-yard garden vegetables that I’ve nurtured during the summer. Even more so this year, eager to see the results of using your Empowered Earth, worm castings.

This year I prepared the soil by mixing in a layer of your castings. When my first planting burned out from lack of rain, I added more castings, replanted and hoped for the best. Then, as I watched my plants grow, I knew this would be a record year. I’ve never seen such quality and quantity throughout my garden. Everything was bigger, healthier and more abundant than I’ve ever experienced.

My tomato plants were the biggest I’ve seen with some fruit the size of small pumpkins. My pepper plants were loaded, more peppers than I thought possible. Kale, beans, everything exceeded my expectation. I’m a believer. Your Empowered Earth is powerful stuff. 

Larry & Mary Barrett
Chanhassen, MN
Cell: 952-221-3142
Larry adds:  "People ask me about the incredible flavor and size and I can only credit the castings.  I included my telephone number for anyone who has any doubt or questions about how good the Empowered Earth Castings are.
Deanna & Scott, Founders of Swede Lake Farms and Global Garlic want their market to know:

We grow all of our vegetables and garlic organically from seed to harvest. In the past few seasons we applied Empowered Earth worm castings to our starts, transplants and in the field in the form of side dressing, tilling and Casting Tea. The results were AMAZING and our market customers and CSA members noticed a big difference in the flavor and quality of our produce. We have always grown great quality veggies but with Empowered Earth worm castings; it has improved our produce quality to the highest level. Thank you Empowered Earth!

Deanna and Scott
Swede Lake Farms

CSA's love it

We start our plants as seeds in a well mixed bed of about 10% castings and reapply a small amount when we transplant the seedlings (see photos at left).  We side-dress with castings when we transfer to rows and follow up with a casting tea for watering.
A follow up in June 2012 Shows that the slow-growing plants have filled in marvelously
Wilma S. in Winter Haven, Fl. explains in July 2012:

"I can't believe that these are my plants!  My thumb is BROWN not  GREEN.  I am known for my inability to grow anything.  That is up to now.  Using the Impowered Earth castings I am surprising all of my friends who can't believe that my plants are doing so well.  I just scratch in some castings occasionally around the base of the plants and they grow like crazy.  Even my Christmas Cactus that should bloom only at Christmas (or once per year) blooms nearly every six weeks.  I am so happy that I found Empowered Earth.  It doesn't cost very much and a little bit goes a long ways.


One year later the photos tell the difference,which is truly unbelieveable.  You can see three rows, two of which were treated with Empowered Earth beginning the season with a dry application and followed in four weeks with a Liquid Tea application mixed at 10 pounds per 100 gallons.  

The row on the left did not have castings.  The difference is incredible.  The height of the non-casting plants was less than half of the plants with castings.  Also, the yield in grapes was only meager compared with a very plentifuly yield brought about by the castings, an in crease of 4 to 5 times. 
Left column not treated ...........Right column treated with castings
One Year Later, 8-4-12.