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Swede Lake Vermiculture & Castings
Swede Lake Vermiculture Serves You

Swede Lake Vermiculture is acutely aware of the need for completely safe products to promote good health and a healthy environment.  It is because of this influence that we focus on chemical free nutrients to replenish the soil and not with just three or four chemically oriented nutrients, but with all the natural elements, natural plant hormones and good bacteria that nature can provide.  

We proudly promote three products:
       1)  The finest, pure worm castings available today.
       2)  Grateful service with a smile.
       3)  True value in the market place for nutrient loaded, chemical
             free fertilizer that will make a penny pincher smile. 

The only product for which we have a price is our EMPOWERED EARTH Premier worm castings which we package in four basic sizes.  We also provide some flexibility to service those special needs for special size bags.  Just give us a call for those needs.

  Please call for special pricing.  See "Contact" page.
Pricing is determined by the particular market.  To get
pricing for your particular situation, call or email.  Enpowered
Earth is available in the following sizes.

            1 Pound Bags                     30 Pound & 50 Pound Bags  
            5 Pound Bags                     2000 Pound Tote Bags
          10 Pound Bags                     2250 Pound Tote Bags  

To order, see our  "Contact" page.   Note that prices may vary.        

IMPORTANT:  Check "USES" Page to learn how to turn 10 pounds of castings into 100 pounds of potent, liquid Empowered Water
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