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Swede Lake Vermiculture and Castings

Swede Lake Vermiculture & Castings, LLC. exists because of organic farming and was formed to meet the needs of quality organic farms and producers such as Swede Lake Farms in Watertown, MN (shown above) to aid vegetable production under the strict requirements of organic farming. 

That means natural elements, stable nutrients and No Chemicals, a nutrient loaded fertilizer that is completely safe. The result is Mother Nature’s purest form of a sustained release plant food for all plants. 

We call this nearly miraculous product EMPOWERED EARTH Premier Worm Castings. 

EMPOWERED EARTH Premier Worm Castings are produced naturally from earthworms, specially cultured night-crawlers, and is an all-purpose natural fertilizer that contains very rich proportions of water soluble nutrients to provide optimum plant nutrition. 

EMPOWERED EARTH Premier Worm Castings is environmentally safe for all plants, animals and humans. It is odorless and over 99% pure.

Swede Lake Vermiculture & Castings
Overlooking the Fertile Gardens
of Swede Lake Farms in
Watertown, Minnesota