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Swede Lake Vermiculture & Castings



Uses for our EMPOWERED EARTH Premier Worm Castings are numerous.  In fact all vegetation that one would want to grow and flourish will benefit by our worm castings whether administered by itself or combined with compost.  We are not aware of any plant or vegetation that would be too fragile to benefit from the nourishment provided from our EMPOWERED EARTH Premier Worm Castings.

REMEMBER our worm castings will eliminate the need for any chemical fertilizer.  EMPOWERED EARTH is safe for all plants and environmentally safe for man or beast.

General Application hints:
  • TREES AND LARGE BUSHES - For new plantings vary the amount according to size.  Use prepared soil if possible.  Or, line your planting hole with EMPOWERED EARTH to the depth of one to two inches.  Place similar amounts around balled plants or root area and add your mixture to a similar depth to the top of planted area.  For established areas apply straight EMPOWERED EARTH around bushes about 1 1/2 foot lenghts wide and one to two inches deep around bushes or similarly around the drip line of the trees.
  • LAWNS, TURF AND GOLF COURSES - Applying 10 lbs.per 100 square feet is usually sufficient.  Scratch up area before application and broadcast throughout the area.  Apply by handfuls in small areas.  Remember, you will not burn the area even if you were to apply what you think would be "too much".
  • VEGETABLES, ANNUALS and POTTED PLANTS - As seeds, use prepared soil or add straight EMPOWERED EARTH up to about one inch in bottom of bed and over planted area.  For row plants apply about one cup every two feet. When transferring plants prepare hole with castings to about two inches in depth.
  • FOR COMPOST - Apply EMPOWERED EARTH to depth of one to two inches over  entire  layer of newly added composting material.
  • REPEAT APPLICATIONS - For large plants, bushes, trees and lawns repeat process during summer and fall.  For veggies and smaller plants reapply about one handful around plants when they are about 4 inches high and each 50 to 60 day period thereafter throughout the growing season.

Common sense tells us that every planting situation or environment is different.  The above are general quidelines to help you to get started.  We expect that you will modify your applications to meet your specific environmental needs, especially as you get used to eliminating the chemicals you may have used before.  

As you make changes and optimize the useage for your needs, we humbly ask that you share those experiences with us.  We and the world will appreciate your comments and alternative directions.


You can now make powereful, Empowered Nectar by making a tea out of the castings.

Place any suitable amount of castings into any material that can be used as filtering material, such as layers of cheese cloth or old nylons.  You will want to use one pound of casting for each five gallons of water.

Prepare the water by bringing it to the ambient temperature.  This is important to keep the microbial bacteria alive.  Then, add the castings in the filtering material to the water.  Add about 1 oz of non-sulphur molasses for each five gallons of water.  Submerse a bubbler, anything that will keep the water oxygenated, which is important for the micro-oganisms, and let it bubble for about 18 hours.  Once prepared, you should use the Nectar within 48 hours.

Drain the liquid into an applicator  such as a watering can or spraying device.  Filter if necessary.

Apply generously to the leaves.  Remember that while a light sprinkling may be adequate, like the dry castings, you cannot over apply at any level that will endanger the plant.  Apply for grass, established lawns and new seedings, all plants and vegetables, trees and bushes.

You will be surprised how quickly your plants will appear regenerated, healthier and more alive.  Apply as often as you feel necessary.

The more the surrounding soil is fed, the healthier your plants will become and remain so and the less castings you will need in subsequent years.  Remember, there is no other way to provide such powerful and complete nutrition to your plants as from Empowered Earth and Empowered Nectar.  The plan is simple; create a healthy soil and the plants will take care of themselves.
Be sure to look for New Applications at the bottom of this page.