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Swede Lake Vermiculture & Castings
Overlooking the Fertile Gardens
of Swede Lake Farms in
Watertown, Minnesota

Swede Lake Vermiculture is your source for Nature's safest and richest chemical free soil builder harvested from our specially cultured night crawlers and packaged in the name of EMPOWERED EARTH  Worm Castings.  

Worm Castings is a fancy name for worm manure. Our EMPOWERED EARTH  Worm Castings, is precisely  developed soils mixed with a controlled recipe of rich nutrient sources and processed by the digestive system of worms.

Our EMPOWERED EARTH  Worm Castings are in the purest form and appear like rich, black dirt.  It is oderless, harmless and will not burn any plants at any level of application.  It is completely safe.  Each individual particle is like a micro-sized cylinder that is hygroscopic in nature which provides moisture and structure to the soil and much needed nutrients over time ----- like individual time-release capsules.  

Our worm castings provide plant growth hormones unique to worm castings.

EMPOWERED EARTH adds microbial life (good bacteria) to support the soil and aid in disease and pest suppression.  EMPOWERED EARTH helps protect plants from disease and infestation from the inside out. These worm castings contain high concentrations of calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphates and potash that are released over time.

Swede Lake Vermiculture strives to help agriculture build  the healthiest, environmentally safe soil, without chemicals.

Our EMPOWERED EARTH  Worm Castings is not compost.  Nor is it just fertilizer.  It is so much better It  is what composters use to make better compost.  And, our quality control assures a product that is consistent from day to day, month to month and has a shelf life that is virtually endless.  See the difference by reviewing our "Testimonials" page.